Ryan Kindle

Hello, my name is Ryan Kindle and I pay cash for houses all over. If you are looking to sell your house fast for cash, then I want to talk with you. As a local "I buy houses" real estate investing company, I specialize in helping homeowners sell quick for cash. My passion is real estate and I realized I could help homeowners all throughout Minnesota. Whether it’s foreclosure, an inherited property or an unwanted investment property, I have helped homeowners in every situation and I pride myself on coming up with creative solutions to help each homeowner specific to their situation. There are many reasons why you would choose to work with me vs. selling through a real estate agent.  The main benefits is the fact that I pay cash, can close on a date of your choice, and whatever sales price we agree upon is a "net" number to you. This means that I will cover typical closing costs and you will NEVER have to pay any commissions or hidden fee's. Also I will buy your house in it's "as-is" condition. That means you won't need to make any repairs or have to deal with a "picky" buyer!

Plus in many cases I can pay you TOP Dollar for your property.  This is because of my "buy-n-hold" approach to investing in real estate.